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Quick judgment of face beauty; variation in and appeal of women’s gait across the menstrual cycle

Two studies follow.


Some sex/gender differences in nose shape; measurements for rhinoplasty

Springer et al.(1, pdf) showed the following noses individually to 308 judges and asked them to judge whether they belong to women or men.  Each of the four images shows the average of a sample of men or women, none of whom were the judges.


How often men approach women in relation to the size of their breasts

The results of this study should not be surprising, and one might think it remarkable that some researcher would spend time documenting this, but hard evidence that feminists have been unfairly blaming patriarchy, yet again, is welcome.


The interaction between cellulite and skin aging: another reason to treat cellulite?

The following picture contrasts the looks of cellulite in a young woman with that in a middle-aged woman.


Acne treatment: the utility of azelaic acid, and photopneumatic technology

This article will address two recently published reports on acne treatment.

A review of mesotherapy solutions for breaking down fat and treating cellulite

There was a time when I heard about some topical applications that claimed to shrink fat cells just beneath the skin.  If true, then they could help improve cellulite, the cottage-cheese-like appearance of the skin that many women have in the back of the upper thighs and buttocks and some men also.  I assumed these were a scam, but some of these drugs work, and here is the latest literature review on them.

Drugs that attenuate skin aging: proven therapies

This article addresses the latest literature review on drugs that have been documented to improve the health and appearance of aged or photodamaged skin.(1, pdf)

Natural vs. fake tan: which is better for darkening skin?

Skin aging caused by the sun contrasted with innate aging.


What form of women’s body shape was preferred in medieval Europe?

One point that has repeatedly come up in this site’s criticism is that beauty standards fluctuate greatly, an alleged example being that overweight women were preferred in medieval Europe.  Just about everyone points out Peter Paul Rubens’ paintings featuring obese women.  What did medieval Europeans prefer in women’s looks?


The strange research of Pettijohn and Tesser on movie actresses, Miss Americas and Playboy Playmates

Terry Pettijohn and Abraham Tesser have published a series of papers on variation in the physical features – mostly facial features – of American movie actresses and actors, Miss Americas and Playboy Playmates of the Year as a function of social and economic conditions from the 1930s to the 1990s.



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