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The transsexual parade otherwise known as the Victoria’s Secret lingerie show: part 3 - Ana Beatriz Barros

Previous entries: Part 1, Part 2.  This entry addresses Ana Beatriz Barros, and she is compared to Keeley Hazell.

Ana Beatriz Barros (left) has a more masculine face than Keeley Hazell's.

Ana Beatriz Barros, Keeley Hazell

Ana Beatriz Barros, Keeley Hazell

Some pictures of the face of Ana Beatriz Barros reveal above average masculinization, some could be mistaken for depicting a woman with a face in the normal-to-feminine range, as in the picture below, whereas in the figure after the one below, Ms. Barros leans toward a transsexual look.

Ana Beatriz Barros

Ana Beatriz Barros

In face photos where Ms. Barros looks more feminine, hair may be covering part of her face such as her [masculinized] jawline or [high] cheekbones and/or the effect is achieved by pose and make-up.  Ms. Barros’ overall looks and a side-by-side comparison with a feminine woman leave no doubt about her above average masculinization.  Some seemingly feminine features is Ms. Barros -- such as thick lips and a more protruding jaw compared to European women of comparable masculinization -- appear to be best conceptualized as elements of non-European ancestry in her/family features rather than indicators of feminization.  Ancestry confounds are best avoided in comparisons, and this is why I initially left Ms. Barros out when I addressed ‘Who finds [top-ranked] “sexy fashion models” sexy?’  However, it appears that Ms. Barros simply has to be addressed, at least to avoid giving the impression that she is not discussed because she is among the women who are an exception to the general pattern of above-average masculinization among “sexy” fashion models.       

In spite of breast implants, there is nothing feminine-looking about the physique of Ms. Barros; Keeley beats Ana hands down.

Ana Beatriz Barros, Keeley Hazell

Ana Beatriz Barros, Keeley Hazell

Ana Beatriz Barros, Keeley Hazell

Ms. Barros also has relatively large, usightly feet.

Ana Beatriz Barros, Keeley Hazell

Although Keeley’s backside isn’t her best part, it is easily more feminine than that of Ana’s.

Keeley Hazell

Ana Beatriz Barros, Keeley Hazell

As in previous entries, a comparison of Ms. Barros with a woman having small breasts and no exaggerated curves will reinforce the conclusion that Ms. Barros is indeed masculine and her physique approaches the looks of male-to-female transsexuals because of the way her form is but not because she is compared to a woman with exaggerated feminine curves.

The following woman is Annie B. from Met-Art; note the absence of anything approaching transsexual looks in her in spite of her not being very curvaceous.  Annie B. is not suitable for high-profile lingerie modeling, but Ana Beatriz Barros is a “top-sexy” Victoria’s Secret lingerie model!

Annie B. from Met-Art

Annie B. from Met-Art

Annie B. from Met-Art

Annie B. from Met-Art

Annie B. from Met-Art

Annie B. from Met-Art

Annie B. from Met-Art


the models you have been comparing all have higher cheekbones--itsjsut hte "feminine"ones are fuller all over,including there faces. ana's cheeks are more sunken than anything else.great example:
halle berry hashigh cheekbones that don'tlook remotely masculine/sunken

they are full, healthy, and rounded

take a look at ana beatriz in one of her first covers as a teenmodel--- its all the weight loss that has made her look masculine(low body fat to be specific). her face looks lotally different.

Kristin: Weight gain or loss is not going to change the masculinized skeletal proportions of Ana Beatriz Barros. Your picture, which is not very clear, just shows Ana’s face, which doesn’t manifest a feminine chin length or feminine supraorbital region. There are plenty of pictures of Ana where her face doesn’t look that masculine. Seeing her face from multiple angles and her physique leave no doubt about her above average masculinization.

I'd really have to question the authenticity of Keeley's breasts just because they seem unusually large and it's not uncommon for those of the porn industry to get implants (I guess the point was more natural feminine beauty, than anything). Oh, and don't bash on feet, unless you find Chinese foot binding attractive too. Pardon if this comment was off topic, my mind tends to wander in growing resentment of this site because by your definition I'm found to be lacking feminine beauty.

Chris: There are women with much larger all-natural breasts than Keeley’s. Keeley has natural breasts (32E), and they don’t look fake to start with. A surgeon who could use breast implants to give women the looks of Keeley’s breasts would be in great demand. Besides, Keeley is not into porn; she is just a topless model.

You should not be considering the arguments here in light of where you are placed with respect to feminine beauty; you need to consider the models and beauty pageant contestants addressed.

Sorry but I def think Ana Beatriz Barros face is prettier. I don't see any masculization at all. But I don't like her body its not femminine at all. But I don't like Kealy Hazel mface or body. The faces you show and compare with the supermodles are very average,dull and boring,plain. I don't like most of the bodys becasue they're breasts are way too big and they're too short and flabby.

Chris2: I have not been featuring "flabby" glamour models. Of course, if you are a homosexual like the homosexual fashion designers but are pretending to be straight, I can understand why you would find the likes of Keeley "flabby."

Keeley Hazell is not short; she is at least 5-foot-7. Annie B. above doesn't look short either.

I don't think Kealy is flabby at all. I meant the others like Grace compared with Gisele Bundchen.

By the way most everybody thinks Ana Beatriz Barros has one of the most beautiful faces ever! Including me.

I like Def more femminie bodies but not as buxom and curvaceous as Kealy Hazel's.

Elsa Benitez,Christy Turlingotn are perfect example's of the kind of bodies I like in women

Chris2: If you were referring to Grace in the second part of this series, then this is not the entry where you should have left your comment. Anyway, Grace is less curvaceous than Keeley and is not "flabby" either.

Whats so masculine about ana beatriz barro's face?! It looks all woman to me! f a woman has really high cheekbones it means she has a masculine face?1

Caterina: A high placement of the cheekbones will not by itself make a woman look masculine. The masculine element in Ms. Barros' face can be seen by comparing various parts of her face with Keeley Hazell's. Note that apart from higher cheekbones, Ms. Barros has a squarer chin, longer chin, sharper gonial angles (formed by vertical and horizontal portions of the lower jaw), deeper-set eyes, a lower placement of the eyebrows and greater bony development right above her eyes.

that picture of ana barros as a teenager is very convincing! she doesnt look high fashion material at all there because she looks too soft too feminine

i really think this is a good website, an eyeopener for people who believe that natural beauty cannot be found in normal woman, but only in the magazines and on the runway

keep up the good work !

That's one hot man-model in make-up though!

I think it is cruel to label these women as transexual. Are you not, by calling these women unnatractive, actually creating a negative attitude towards image for the average girls (ie not supermodels) who perhaps have typically masculine features, e.g a straight nose and/or high cheek bones etc. Not all women are typically feminine with soft features, thats just genetics. However much i agree with you that feminine women are more attractive in person, those with angular features and strong jawlines provide a better subject for photographs. If a designer wanted to promote an overly feminine range of clothing, they would invariably choose a model along the lines of Josie Maran. However, high fashion often involves clothes with strong lines and fabrics, the models used in haute couture shows and campaigns tend to mirror this. There is no question that there are more feminine women than high fashion models but in criticising the way they look you are only providing a positive image for a percentage of women, not all. Some men find masculine women more attractive, some don't. It's all a question of taste, but it does not mean to say that one type of woman is more beautiful than the other.

Kristin, I'm gonna kill you bitch! Ana is more beautiful and feminine than you will ever be! YOU DUMB BITCH!

I don't know what you mean by ana's "non-european" heritage. Ana Beatriz Barros is Brazilian by nationality, but her ancestry/heritage is strictly Portuguese and Spanish. And she is way more beautiful than Keeley.

Erik : deepset eyes, big nose and eye socket are character of common european people. I think ana look more caucasian than keeley. keeleys' eyes are not in the deep set like several european women don't u think? except those whom come from france. their eyes tend to be smaller and without eye socket just like in fare ast asian people. such as sophie marceau ,mylene farmer etc. erik, please don't claim that ana is non-caucasian? because her character is what I seen in several caucasian . deepset eyes are not the thing common among the other race like asian but it's common among european.
the same as triangular shape face and long chin. you can try ask some urban chinese women? they'd answer they find ana beatrize's face is very beautifull and oposite than them awhile keeley 's face is something more common in far east asian women's shape face.

Look at this picture below, the right side is the pic of south east asian actress that all far east asian like japanese, chinese that look like in the left side actress,are wanted to be.

you can notice the girl appears to look more caucasian? she has deepset eyes? and eyes socket? with big nose? and this not common in far east asian women, everyone there like big nose and deepset eyes. the women with bridge nose, deepset eyes and eyes socket are women that look more caucasian and pretty.

It's well known and obvious that curvier figures are more appealing to men, but some women aren't blessed with that ideal. I agree that a lot of runway models are grossly skeletal and suffer eating disorders, but some women are naturally very thin and sites like this make us feel more unattractive than we already do. Designers choose thinner women for their shows because the figure is versatile for the clothes, much like a mannequin's figure. A runway model's figure is an unrealistic image to idolize just like a model with a 40JJ bust. How jealous must someone be to criticize the size of someones feet? :lol:

zonneschijn: you're a fucking idiot. keeley is way hotter than ana beatriz.

and another thing zonneschijn: barros doesnt look oriental, she looks part black or amerindian you idiot. that's probably what erik meant. why the fuck are you bringing up asians? you are a fucking dumbass.

look at barros' big lips is that typical of europeans? LOL

and those deep tired looking eyes. that may be european but that's not nordic, that's cro magnoid. her eye ridges are way too pronounced.

nooo that is not pretty shut the fuck up zonneschijn

The body comparison with six of Keeleys top quality professional studio photos has only one studio (green outfit) of Ana, OK two including the last beach - but she is walking. I think people in the business of fashion or glamour photography would not think this balance fair. Moreover Keeley is holding specialist glamour poses - for an hour probably with who knows how many shots disguarded - whereas Ana is twice striking a fashion pose on the catwalk at a show, it is hardly surprising Keeley comes out best. Annie B's outdoor shots are comparable for lighting and photography unfortunately she is posing and many unflattering shots may have been disguarded. Ana is also shown in merciless outdoor light but is paparazzied fixing her hair. Although its over against a studio set piece the backstage one is closer to being a comparison, Ana looks good smiling whereas Keeley keeps her mouth slightly open to look sexy which she does. With this one a chance missed to give an idea of their respective statures which I feel would favour Ana.

Keeley has the goods but her photos are too expertly done for a level playing field body comparison, I think this gives an "out" for the targets while using Annie B leaves them no excuses, perhaps your purport is beyond my understanding again. Having said all this the catwalk shots are startlingly masculine, the red lingerie alone justifies your characterization of this show. Ms Barros has huge feet with protruding heel bones - easily mistaken for something on floor on first glance - and oddly spaced toes.(typo on this caption - "usightly"? )

RE "Ana looks good smiling"
Why do models rarely smile on the catwalk, are they told not to because it would make them look too feminine? Fashion models seem to be setting their jaw to look serious, tough, or hard. The fashion pose - throwing the pelvis grotesquely forward - is strange.

She looks like a boy wearing lipstick!

This has one been one of the most interesting reads in a long time, despite your very ignorant (and probably insulting) use of the words transsexual/transvestite/eunuch.

It's very ignorant not to know what the difference between transsexual and transvestite is but you probably don't like shemale porn i would assume haha.

I actually have had similar thoughts about the tan craze because tan is a *very* masculine characteristic (and what is even more important it can make you look 40ish even before like 25, so yeah...)

but you fail to understand that this show is intended for women and women like fierceness this word summarizes so much and these models are the very epitome of that, women don't want to be some low testosterone exposure grown skeletons with strategically displaced high amounts of adipose fat tissue to please the eye of some fundamentalist men they want to be fierce.

YOu must be kidding!you're not actually comparing Ana Beatriz Barros, a MODEL, to that kelly chick. I've never heard of her but she looks like a pornstar...i mean seriously...she's a model...she's supposed to be skinny...i'm not a skinny girl, but i can be smart enough to realise that clothes look better on skinny, curveless's the freakin basic rule in modelling! Why did you even bother so much...there's not even something to compare..She's freakin gorgeous, come on! I never get people like're obviously a girl, I didn't bother to check, but a guy would never go to this much trouble to prove to the world that this gorgeous renouned supermodel has actually transsexual features...How many model with plain beautiful faces are there? Take Gisele Bundchen, Karolina Kurkova, Heidi Klum for instance...they all have something about their faces that's not really beautiful...but that imperfection is what may have made them successful...i'll watch fashion tv someday and give you a whole lotta names for other "masculine" models..

She's brazilian, you moron!

I always thought this exact thing about ana beatriz barros. Some angles, her appley cheeks and big eyes look almost hyper-feminine, and very sexy,particularly when she smiles like on the marks and spencers adverts. However when you see her pulling a more pensieve equilibrium face, you see that she has a very sunken under eye area giving her in fact quite deep set eyes quite a protuberant hollow look, which looks far more masculine.Also her eye shape in particular is very masculine in the way that the top of her eye is quite covered whereas the bottom of her eye is exposed, and whilst looking distinctive on her is quite common in men. Her brow ridge is also quite prominent for a woman and the overall boneyness of her face and size of her head seems more comparable to male face proportions which is unsurprising due to the fact that she stands at 5'11. Her lips and nose are the only typically feminine aspect of her face. I think she does make a very beautiful and sexy women though and it seems unfair to judge someone based on strange angles and makeup, as although most women don't look like men, some tend to look like prepubescent boys or just plain ugly.However, I just wonder whether shed make an even more beautiful man.

Ana Beatriz has a gorgeous face with striking exotic features.

The other women look plain and ordinary in comparison. What makes a face stand out in a crowd and what makes a face memorable is it's uniqueness not in averageness.

You clearly have very specific notions of what you consider attractive (your notions of what is feminine) vs. unattractive(your notions of what masculine) with respect to the female face.

What you don't realize is that some female faces although they do not possess the cute simple babyish features that you seem to prefer and equate with femininty are in fact often more attractive.

Eastern European Gal: Whereas more unique faces are more memorable, they are not necessarily more attractive. More unique looks unrelated to masculinity-femininity are not the reason for her becoming a major lingerie model, but the masculine element in her, among other elements (including uniqueness), is a reason for her placement.

I do realize, have addressed and provided illustrative examples that there are elements of beauty unrelated to masculinity-femininity such that less feminine women’s faces can be more attractive than more feminine ones, but such cases are a minority.

Assuming that both the "unique" looking face and the more conventional looking face are both attractive to begin with, the unique attractive face will surely stand for it's unusualness in a good way not a bad way. Hence, the appeal of exotic looking women and their features (i.e. their unconventional looks is what draws them apart from the run of the mill).

You seem to equate unique features with masculination. I don't believe that is the case. One model that stands out because of her unique combination of features and by no means could be referred to as masculine looking is Adrianna Lima.

While I do agree that there are certain faces that may be perceived of cross-culturally as beautiful,I believe that our preferences for certain types of beauty and facial features are culturally influenced more than anything.

Therefore if what you have been brought up culturally to believe - in this case that certain features are attractive in a woman and deemed more feminine or as a sign of femininity then certainly anything that falls outside of this spectrum you will not find attractive, nor as feminine and categorize as such.

...stand "out"

Eastern European Gal: I do not believe that I have equated uniqueness to masculinization. Whereas culture shapes/influences preferences, where does it come from? Culture is not free from biological influences. Adriana Lima does stand out with her atypical looks among fashion models, but when it comes to femininity, she did not depart very greatly from high-fashion models in general when she was discovered.

She has been in every Victoria Secret show, I wonder why she never became one of the angels-she’s beautiful!

Haha.Ana Beatriz Barros, the Victoria Secret Model is "masculine" looking and Kelly the porn-star is feminine LMFAO!
You wish!You probably have the same boring features as Kelly-that's why you are trying to force her onto other people.Plus we all have some bad pics-but you purposely found bad pics of Ana and some photoshopped pics of Kelly.OMG-imagine that's her best look!
And don't even get me stared on that other naked chick-is that Kelly's sis?
Both ugly, boring,pale with thin lips EW!
And BTW,Ana is of Portugese&Spanish descent with African mix as well-she said it herself!Stop hating, stupid-there is something about Ana and other Brazilian models that always makes them stand out!

Oh my god you are soo right.
I think this worship of masculine woman is really a western thing though. In the middle east female idols are hyperfeminine in figure and face.
Feminine beauty is indeed idolised just not in your nations. I'm sure you can find better examples of day to day feminine women unfortunately photos of them are not very available where you come from because they aren't popular.

haifa wehbe<\img><\img>

Images that actually work. The first few are of haifa and the others of a different singer named amar. Both highly feminine north west middle easterners and both celebrated beauties in countries where hetro not homo males are incharge.first here is haifa i will post amar afterjolie vs angelinaImageImageImageImage

Sorry i'm still getting a hang of posting images.
Here is another celebrity, lebanese singer Amar as promised, face and figure. You might find women like these will better drill home your point because there is no porn factor detraction. I bet many other nations have the right idea other than america which seems to have taken androgony too far. It's important to note that these two women are awful singers and are popular mostly due to their looks.
href='/sites/default/files/imagepicker/others//Screen shot 2011-10-03 at 11.58.30 PM.png' title='' class='colorbox' >ImageImageImageamar1

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